There was a time when record labels committed themselves to developing the careers of their recording Artists.  Today when a major label signs a new Artist or band the buzz of the Artist is more important than the music, songwriting or performance abilities of the talent.  Up until the 1980s record labels had a department within the company called Artist Development, and the job of that department was to support their acts' creative side, while steadily developing a following for them. 

By the 90s most labels had changed their Artist Development departments to Product Development.  The emphasis changed from nurturing the growth of an Artist and their music, to high-pressure sales development tactics and strategies.  Product Development today means creating sales for a new release quickly.  If you don't have a solid fan base you won’t convince a label that you can deliver a hit record.  For the most part, in today's competitive music business, the responsibility for Artist and Product Development has changed hands.  Independent labels and entrepreneurial Artists have the responsibility of creating the buzz and business development that can secure a label deal.

When an Artist develops both the music and the business sides it is a more realistic opportunity for achieving success.  Remember even Artist that were signed to a Major have been dropped because of lack of development. understands the above and for a select few will oversee the development and success of those Artists.


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