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Newbourne, is an American songwriter/ Hip Hop performing Artist that’s been using the art of “Rap” as a social power gaining acceptance from many who’ve heard his musical gift. He has a strong background with composition, published in three states and has gain notability for his unique ability to transition while delivering powerful punchlines and intense wordplay. Newbourne takes control of the stage during performances due to his energetic and hardworking work ethics.

As a cultured Artist, Newbourne has extensive awareness of multi-racial audiences, poverty and ideologies that relates to everyday life. He gained most characteristics due to his involvement with overcoming “hard times” as well as countless hours behind the shadows of the “street life”. Though a little seasoned, Newbourne has affluent versatility. He has the look, the sound and the persona that will redefine the consciousness of Hip-Hop. He has the ability to song write for multiple genres and has added what he termed “sophisticated hoodness” to the game. His original format tells stories, offers solutions, and pleases the ears beyond mere entertainment. All made possible by well diversified albums with a track dedicated or someone in every occasion.

NEWBOURNE—the versatile, the lyrical, the new era……