The state of Delaware has not had a strong Hip-Hop scene. That is not a diss to the state it's just one of those things where there are many talented Artists but that special one has yet to break. Soon that will change because right now you have a new rising star by the name of Lew Static who is ready to put the state of Delaware on the map.

Lew Static's mother was a singer and songwriter and that’s when the early influence began. His mother used to take him to the studio to record music as she was heavily involved in a 70’s/80’s funk band. Lew speaks even into further detail “The coolest thing I remember is her hour long interview segment on Philly’s Power 99 with Colby Colb, I actually recorded it on cassette tape. My first record was written by my mom over the B-Side of a Kriss Kross cassette tape where the instrumental was on the back. This was about 96/97.

Coming from Delaware as stated previously, the state has not had a star to break yet but Delaware does have a influence on major players involved in the Hip Hop scene. From famed engineer Yung Guru of Roc Nation, and even major publication Allhiphop.com was founded by Delaware natives. As to why a star from Delaware has yet to break Lew gives his intake “The Hip Hop scene in Delaware is consistent, but not progressive. Everyone has an idea but lack the breakout star quality. We’re a very small place, the entire state is less than 1 million people, so resources are limited to only a handful of people.” With that being said that Lew is on his way to being the face of Delaware and much more.

Giving you some insight on his early influences they include Biggie, Jay Z, Jadakiss, Lil Wayne and Eminem. “Eminem is just God, Lew explains, he was so serious about his craft and gave it his all and wanted to be one of the best and that’s my goal”. Speaking on his career goals along with how he feels about today’s music Lew adds on “Today’s music has taken a bit of an adjustment for me because of the content. I grew up on lyrics and being able to cling on to every word to catch the punchline or learn something new. I have full respect for the new generation of Hip Hop as they are becoming the narrators of their own money, contracts and careers, which is much different than how Artists were taken advantage of in the 90’s/00’s. My goal is to build my brand as an Artist and label owner in an effort to secure a partnership deal with a major.

Going back into history the name Lew Static has quite a story to it. His first manager Rick Madison gave him the name as he was a huge mentor to him in the past. It was just a random day at Barnes and Noble and he just threw him the name Lew Static and Lew just stuck with it. With his movement on the rise Static Groundz, the goal is to be a major powerhouse not just for Delaware but across the globe and if someone wants to partner with SGE and if it makes sense Lew Static is all for it. He states “I look to accomplish and have an umbrella of Artists and creators of other industries working together with full ownership of our craft. A partnership investment with a major would be ideal to accomplishing this.